Our Projects

Our projects

Our projects are your projects! Our calling card is our customer's satisfaction!

Adieffe works for third parties.
Customer’s requirements and needs come before anything else and our support is aimed to make sure that customer’s ideas become true.

Dozens of projects have been carried out during years of successful activity.

Software management of pharmaceutical automated warehouses;
Analysis and process management on production lines in the food industry;
Software design for the encoding of extruded tubes and data communication to the reference management system;
Freehand drawing software for decoration of semi-artisan confectionery;
Software solutions for food and beverage aseptic treatment and “cold-end zone” conveying management in glassworks.

Design, development and implementation of automation software solutions

Great experience in the field, highly qualified staff, knowledge of many programming languages: Adieffe is able to conceive, develop and implement projects and programs, customizing them to the specific needs of its customers.

Furthermore, according to the peculiar Customer’s needs, we cooperate with partner companies of proven reliability present on the market for decades. This synergy results into great satisfaction for our clients who will get a “turnkey” product of great quality.